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Gap free dental treatment
Gap free dental treatment

Comprehensive Patient Exams:

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination and Consultation
  • 2x bite-wing x-rays and OPG (if required)
  • Scaling and polishing- removal of calculus and stains
  • Fluoride treatment

For patients without private health insurance, this offer is available for only $199 (original price-$360)

Gap Free Children Dentistry

Ryde Dental Family offers gap free dentistry for children who are covered under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides capped benefit entitlement for basic dental services for children aged 2-17 in families who meet a means test. The means test will be the same as the existing Medicare Teen Dental Plan, which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A or other certain government payments.

  • Services for basic essential dental treatment, such as check-ups, x-rays, fillings and extractions will be included, and patients will have access to dental benefit entitlements capped (indexed annually) over a two calendar year period.
  • From 2014, the benefit is capped at $1000 per child.

Click here for further information on your eligibility for gap free children dentistry.

Gap free dental treatment
Gap free dental treatment

Gap free children dentistry includes comprehensive examination, scaling (clean) and fluoride treatment:

  • For children who are not covered under Child Dental Benefits Schedule, but covered with some other private health insurance.
  • For children without private health insurance: comprehensive examination, scaling (clean) and fluoride treatment for only $150

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