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Lasers help people who suffer from sensitive teeth. When combined with a fluoride treatment, certain dental lasers can reduce sensitivity for many months. The effectiveness of this treatment varies between patients.

Dental lasers will help occlude the tubules that lead from close to the nerve of the tooth to the surface. They will also assist in the uptake of fluoride within teeth. These enhanced laser fluoride treatments are longer lasting and provide better protection for your teeth against decay.


Dental lasers are very good at targeting the bacteria which cause infected root canals in your teeth. A quick laser treatment can be very effective in treating the disease and promoting healing.

The Dental laser cleans the root more thoroughly than conventional root canal techniques.

Microorganisms can hide in the dentinal tubules, or tiny holes, of the dentine surrounding the root.

With conventional root canals, the cleaning process doesn’t always reach all of the tubules, leaving behind some of the bacteria well after the root canal is filled and sealed. The laser penetrates deep into the porous tubules, removing bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.

While traditional root canal instruments only clean out the tooth’s root, the laser actually sterilizes it, increasing your chances of a successful procedure.

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