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As we know that emergency can come at any time, be it any situation or dental problems. Emergencies also come only when we do not expect them. And we know that there are many such emergency dental problems for which you cannot wait to make an appointment and get checked.

At the Ryde Dental family, we know how important it is for emergency dental problems to be treated as quickly as possible.

Therefore, we provide emergency dental care whether you are a new or old patient and try our best to treat your dental problem as soon as possible and provide you relief from pain.

Emergency Care
Emergency Care

Some of the Emergency dental problems that are common:

1. Pain in the tooth

2. Damaged teeth

3. Wisdom tooth pain

4. Cavity teeth

5. Bleeding in the teeth, lips, or gums

6. Injury while playing

7. Dentures related problems

How to manage an emergency dental problem before visiting a dentist?

Often people get nervous in emergencies, but whenever you have a dental emergency, you don’t have to panic. The first thing you have to do is contact us so that we can tell you whether you need emergency dental care or not and if so, then we can help you in arranging an appointment as soon as possible. We have brought some dos and don’ts for you which you can apply at the time of your dental emergency till the time you visit our clinic.

1. Pain in the Tooth


Gargle with warm water so that if any piece of food is stuck between the teeth, it comes out.

Consult your dentist or if you have knowledge of medicines, take medicines to reduce pain.

If your tooth gets swollen then apply a compress of cold water on your cheek.

Visit your dentist as soon as possible


Do not apply any pain-relieving medicine on the tooth, especially do not apply aspirin. There is a risk of soft tissue burns.

Emergency Care
Emergency Care

2. Cracked or Damaged teeth


Gargle with warm water to clean the mouth.

If your tooth breaks, try to keep it wet until you go to the dentist. If you want, you can also use spit or milk to keep it wet.

If there is continuous bleeding from the broken tooth, then press it with a little force with the help of a clean cloth or cotton and try to reach the dentist as soon as possible.

Even if there is swelling in the tooth, apply a compress of cold water on the cheek.


Do not use anything hot until you consult a dentist.

Do not use a tissue to compress or clean your teeth.

3. When bleeding from lips, cheeks, or gums


To find out where the blood is coming from, clean that area with hot water.

If there is excessive bleeding then apply pressure on that area with a clean cloth or cotton to stop the bleeding.

If swelling occurs, apply a compress of cold water to that area.

If the injury is severe or the bleeding is not stopping, go to the dentist as soon as possible.


Do not eat or drink any hot thing until you visit a dentist.

Emergency Care

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