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Crown and Bridgeworks

At Ryde Dental Family, we provide crown and bridgework services, which means that if you have lost or damaged a tooth, we replace it with a crown or bridge. Let us know about it more.

What are crowns?

The cap in the shape of a tooth is called a dental crown. It is useful when your tooth is broken, rotten, or cracked. With the help of a dental crown, the shape and size of your tooth become the same as before and its Strength also becomes like natural teeth.


Dental bridges are also called fixed partial dentures. Filling the gap between two teeth is called a bridge. Bridges are made by joining two crowns and a false tooth in between. Dental bridges are placed to help you eat and chew and to restore your natural teeth to their original form. At Ryde Dental Family, you are provided with natural-looking dental bridges.

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